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Learn the 3 MOST common mistakesĀ Nature Play BusinessesĀ make when starting out and how you can avoid them

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Who are ready to create a nature play business that is deeply rooted in community and purpose.



  • You know there isn't a nature play program in your area and you wish there was for you and/or your children. 

  • You have the on-the-ground skills and knowledge to work in or run a nature play program but you don't quite yet have the skills required to start your own business.

  • Researching the regulations, legislation, ratios and insurance is daunting, time consuming, stressful, overwhelming and impossible to navigate, especially while you're working another job or tending to your own children. 

  • You don't have the time to research it all, or the knowledge to make sure your dreams are legal and you have no idea if any of it is even worthwhile.

  • You're feeling stuck in the same job, feeling the same frustrations, knowing you can do better for yourself, your family and the children in your care






You could bypass the stress and fast-track the months of time researching regulations and ratios, navigating red tape and the pain of applying for permits and insurance because someone has given you the templates and are holding your hand all the way through.


Someone could help you walk through everything from applying for an ABN, trademarking, logo design and getting your socials on track.


All the decision making about systems like website platforms, booking software, payment systems, social media planners were made for you.


That you could get bums on seats without selling your soul on the 'gram.


That you could know in advance what you would need to spend to get this business up and running


Imagine... all that just disappeared because we handed it all to you on a plate!



We are Nicki and Vicci and in five years, we’ve quit our jobs as High School Teachers, homeschooled our four incredible children, built a community of thousands of nature play lovin’ families and created a wildly successful nature play business called Wildlings Forest School.

Now, our purpose is to transform the lives of other education changemakers looking to leap into the thrilling world of small business, so they too can educate in a way they love, with the freedom and flexibility to structure their business around their lives.


If there’s one thing we know...

Never has there been a better time to take your passion for working with children and build a scalable business that doesn’t require you to bend your educational values or cap your income.

All you need? Is someone to show you the way!

And that’s where we come in...



A business kick-starter program for education changemakers looking to begin or build upon their own nature play business, even if they don’t know where to start, so that they can live a life of purpose and own a business that is in alignment with their educational philosophies and values.

Your Wild Business is the only program that focuses on the start up phase of your nature play business with sustainable business practices, processes and systems that will cut down your administration work, giving you more time to focus on building a business that is centered around your education philosophies, whilst working around the current legislation and red tape.



Step One


Ideating and designing a successful and profitable Nature Play business that delivers on fun and safety is both an art and a science. Let’s have some fun finding out what your dream business is, researching your target markets and what kind of budget you’ll need to achieve this dream.

Then let’s make it Pretty! It’s time for the fun stuff! Let’s come up with a business name that snaps and a brand that grabs attention. Think brand design, social media, logos and marketing.

Step Two


This is the stuff that will keep you up at night if you don’t do it right. Let us hold your hand while we wade through legislation, ABN’s, accountancy, insurance, waivers, company set-up, permits and risk assessments. 

This is the stuff that has taken us YEARS of phone calls, emails, late nights and to be honest, total frustration to get through. We’ve taken the pain out of all this by creating simple templates, recommended and trusted professional lists and direct links to the contacts you’ll need to speak to, to make sure you, your family and the families in your care are safe and covered.

Then we’ll help you find and manage the best team to work with so that you don’t burn out. We give you a HUGE amount of policy templates, job descriptions and employee documentation trackers to get you outdoors sooner and for longer.

Step Three


We have tried and tested dozens of HR, booking, social media planning and accounting systems since we started. It is incredibly time consuming (wasting!!) switching over - we 100% don’t recommend it! Make a good choice the first time by using our pros and cons table to decide which systems will work for you at your stage of business.

Then, we’re finally at the part where you start running your very OWN nature play business! We’ll talk about programming options, pricing, equipment, weather, pricing, launching your first program and marketing for growth!



Access to a whole community of education changemakers running their own businesses across Australia & the Globe. Side note: This has been invaluable for many of our Wild Business participants!


Every done-for-you template you will need to cover your bases as a nature play business. 

20 x Important Policy Templated to protect you and your business. 

From risk benefit assessments and ratios to sales & cancellation policies. These policies have been created under the guidance of lawyers, accountants & workplace relations experts.

Each Policy Valued Individually at $250.00 AUD ($5,000 Total Value)


Online support from Nicki and Vicci within the course platform & exclusive, members only group.




Amanda Watson  Founder & Director | The Nature Space

"I could not have started The Nature Space without doing Wild Business. It has been pivotal in laying down the foundations for my nature play business to begin on the right foot. I am a Chiropractor and a passionate and informed mother of 2 wild boys and I am driven to create a different path in education and life for my family. I want this for my community too and Wild Business has been the greatest investment I could make to ensure my vision comes to life."

Chloe  Founder | Little Wild Raven

"The insurance advice has probably been one of the most useful and time saving elements of the course as well as all the documents and procedures that helped us put our own policies together. We wouldn’t have known where to start with most of these and it would have taken us hours to create these from scratch! The course has definitely been invaluable for us and I think it will continue to be useful to go over some of the modules again down the track when we (hopefully) expand our business."

Kara Spence | Founder Nature.Be In It

"Jam packed with everything you need to get started, and some things you haven't thought of yet. A detailed guide to support your step by step journey to your own business. Nicki and Vicki are generous, kind, passionate hosts/mentors who have put together a really valuable resource which will last you years in your business journey."



  • Burnt out early childcare educators, teachers and outdoor reccies who are looking to get out of the hamster wheel of paperwork and documentation.
  • Educators and teachers who have had enough of the child care/education system and want to do things differently, who want to be the change they want to see in the world.
  • Educators and parents looking for more time with their families and a community that aligns with their family values and educational philosophies
  • Change makers looking for the kick up the bum they need to go out and start their own business. You know you have the on the ground skills, you just need a helping hand getting the business, legislation, insurance side of things sorted. 

  • Change makers who are sick of working for someone else and are wanting to work for themselves, wanting more flexibility and wanting to run sessions the way they've always dreamt but have never been able to.




  • You don't want to spend five hours a week developing your dream business;
  • You are at capacity with your current work and you're unable to throw another ball in the air without dropping an important one like health, family, relationships (look after yourself first, then come back!)
  • You're not ready for the responsibility of being your own boss, which will very likely include managing your own staff in the near future
  • You like predictability and security. Ultimately, this course is about starting your own small business. We can get you to that point but ultimately it will be you who will be in charge of and responsible for the continuous operation of your own business. Running a small business can be a rollercoaster. Sometimes it can be scary. Sometimes, despite our best plans, things happen that are out of our control. In ANY small business, you need to be the type of person that can roll with the punches, get up and keep going. We’ll help you set-up your business and teach you ways in which you can grow and scale if you wish but ultimately, we can’t run the business for you.




Free Masterclass

Learn the 3 MOST common mistakesĀ Nature Play BusinessesĀ make when starting out and how you can avoid them

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