Hello there! We're Vicci & Nicki


If there’s one thing we know...


Never has there been a better time to take your passion for working with children and build a scalable Nature Play business that doesn’t require you to bend (or BREAK!) your educational values or cap your income.


To share your knowledge, do what you love, and create learning opportunities that support your educational values and your life!


With some elbow grease, a computer, and someone to show you how.... the sky's the limit!

We know what you're thinking, though. The last thing educators need is another professional development course.

Good. Because that is not us.


We're about teaching other educators what worked for us when we branched out and created our Nature Play business and the tactics that skyrocketed us to success.

Finding clarity about where you fit in the regulations. Finding your community and attracting the right people to your business. And creating a Nature Play business that allows you to nurture children's education in nature and be remunerated for your time.

That's what we are here to help you do.

And we LOVE helping you do it!

But every story has a beginning, right? This is ours.

A long, long time ago (in 2017), I was a High School Maths & Science Teacher on maternity leave with my two young children.

Longing to find my 'village' I decided to create a mother's group with a twist - it would be outside, at the beach or the other beautiful spaces where I never saw children play. So I created a playgroup and to my surprise I LOVED it. Every week more and more parents turned up. They were just like me, craving nature time and wanting more free play time for their children and babies.

And then one day, along came Nicki.

I was so humbled to find Nicki was just like me. A High School Teacher with two young children who was also disillusioned with the mainstream education system and looking for an alternative for her children's education and her family's lifestyle.

Nicki & I began a deep dive into every child development book, play theory, and the new wisdom that motherhood brought us.

And then one day we stumbled across the Scandinavian philosophy "Forest Schooling".

And that was it.

The next few years were spent creating a Nature Play Business that would keep building and building until we had to quit our High School teaching jobs and go all in on our new passion for Nature Play.

And that's how Wildlings Forest School came to be!

Since then, we have homeschooled our four incredible children, built a community of thousands of nature play lovin’ families, and created a wildly successful nature play business.

Now, we want to help others do the same.

A few things....

We sell online courses and programs, but our mission is bigger than that.

Our biggest motivation is to empower educators and teachers to do what is best for children's learning and development, by showing them how to push through the boundaries, red tape and get children outside learning from the natural world again.  

And with some elbow grease, a computer and someone to show you the way, we truly believe the sky's the limit!

And ultimately?


We believe if you're NOT feeling in alignment with the way you're showing up for the children in your care, you're doing it wrong (and we're here to change that for you!)

 Our Personal & Business Values 

  • There is no such thing as failure = Everything in life (and business!) is an experiment
  • Play is paramount = If you're not playing, you're not living
  • Intrinsic motivation is true wisdom = you just need to create the space to let it shine
  • Lead from the heart = and you will inspire others to do the same
  • Don't be afraid of hard things = learn to find the benefits
  • Legacy is everything = leave the planet in a better place for future generations