I want to create a Nature Play Program, I want Forest School Leader Skills OR I want to start a Nature Play Business.... what will it be?

"I want to create and scale a nature play business"

Applications are open for our business program. This is for educators who want to work for themselves and create an alternative learning business without compromising education philosophies or values.


"I want to know how to craft an epic outdoor program that has parents lining up to enrol"


Practical skills that will build your confidence with wild nature spaces, snakes, and critters. Design your own nature play program with our no fuss, easy to follow session flow formula.

Turn your new program into a valuable offering for your community, school or centre. What's not to love about THAT?


"I want to be a Forest School Mentor"

So you're keen to level up with a bush kindy, hand tool activities, shelters, rafts, and campfires? Well, first you need to learn the game-changing group management skills to keep everyone safe. 

Catch Our [FREE] Mini Training On The First Steps To Lead Forest School Sessions