Honouring Land and First Nations Traditions with Tiffany Gesler from Sow & Nurtured

Are you curious about how to reconnect with your inner wisdom and that of the land, seasons, and cycles? 


Today we are in conversation with the wonderful Tiffany Gesler, a proud Gunggari woman passionate about connecting people to their own nature. 


Tiffany is a seasoned early years and outdoor learning educator with expertise in Aboriginal health, midwifery, and women's business. 


In this last year, she launched her wild business Sowed and Nurtured, Toowoomba's first private bush school. 


Join us as we delve into the process of decolonizing outdoor education, promoting First Nation's perspectives, and the impact of nature play businesses on families and communities. 



Tiffany shares her thoughts on:

What it was like to start her Wild Business journey

What programs she is offering at Sow and Nurtured Bush School

 The importance of First Nations perspectives in outdoor learning environments

 Why we must decolonise Bush and Forest School

 How getting kids outside living with the land will help Reconciliation 

 How First Nation's perspectives should be embedded into our lives and learning EVERY day 


Don't miss out on this enriching conversation that is sure to challenge, educate, and inspire you!


πŸ‘‰Guest Details

Tiffany is a proud Aboriginal Gunggari woman who is a space holder for women, children and mothers. With many roles and experience in early childhood education, outdoor education, Aboriginal health, midwifery and women’s business. In this fast paced world, Tiffany strives to connect us to our own nature through honouring the seasons and cycles of the land and connection to Country. Be it exploring the bush with a group of children or supporting a woman in birth, Tiffanys work all comes down to a love of holding space for families.




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