The Whys and Hows of Navigating Red Tape with Vicci and Nicki

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2023

In this episode, we chat about why society makes it so hard to navigate the legislation and why we need to push through it so that we can get more children outdoors and we chat about our own journey in embracing the red tape as an essential part in advocating for children.

👉  Nicki and Vicci discuss

  • The benefits of nature play
  • Risks and resilience
  • Why outdoor learning is essential for developing life skills
  • The cost of keeping children “safe”
  • Some horrible stats that might make you want to do something about it
  • The importance of navigating the red tape
  • Their Wild Business Course
  • The value of mentors in this space

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👉 Guest Details

Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell are adventurous nature play makers, risk-takers, children’s rights advocates and the co-founders of Wildlings Forest School. We are the hosts of the ‘Raising Wildlings’ podcast and we put the dirt back in childhood.

During any Wildlings Forest School program, you are likely to find Wildlings up trees, sliding down mud slides, whittling with pocket knives, lighting fires and building rafts. We let kids, be kids - because children can’t learn to protect nature if they’ve never had a childhood in it.

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