Building Community through Education: Woodline Primary's Success Story

Have you ever wondered how an educational institution could place well-being at the heart of its ethos and practice? 

Join us for an eye-opening talk with Claire Bartlett, the founding Principal of Woodline Primary, as we discuss its journey from ideation to a growing community of students and families.  


Claire opens the door to Woodline's unique perspective on education and highlights how the school's emphasis on connection, language, and individual attention fosters an environment that nurtures emotional intelligence.

We also gain insight into the school's restorative practice and the role of families in the education process. Hear firsthand the challenges faced in setting up a school and the crucial part the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority played in ensuring Woodline met the approval requirements. 

Tune in and witness Woodline Primary's innovative approach to education.


πŸ‘‰Guest Details

Claire Bartlett is the Founding Principal of Woodline Primary School, an innovative independent school that has well-being at the centre of all that we do. Her purpose is to foster our community, honoring the individual and the collective.





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