Mastering the Art of Education and Community Involvement with Narelle Dawson

business skills education Oct 17, 2023

Get ready to be inspired as we journey into the heart of an exceptional early childhood education center with Narelle Dawson, the esteemed Director of Bribe Island Community Kindy.

Narelle offers rare insights into leading a team that's been rated excellent four times in a row, a testament to their commitment, dedication, and unwavering focus on building meaningful relationships. She reveals the secrets behind their success and the transformative power of fostering a nurturing environment and maintaining a balanced focus on learning and growth.



In a candid conversation, we explore the awe-inspiring Junderbari Walk project and its making. Narelle shares her experience of collaborating with local traditional owners and a botanist, their dedication to accurate information, and the efforts they've put in to make the walk accessible to everyone. We also get a peek into their heartwarming work with an aged care facility, which highlights the beauty of intergenerational learning and the impact of community involvement.

Join us for a conversation that is as enlightening as it is inspiring, and brace yourself to be transformed by Narelle's infectious passion for education and her unique perspective on success, growth, and meaningful connections.



πŸ‘‰Guest Details

Narelle Dawson, Director of Bribie Island Community Kindy, has been a part of its fabric for over 29 years and just this year, made history as the only early years setting in Australia to have been rated Excellent for four years in a row in the Assessment and Rating process. 





[ 0:00 ] Building Relationships, Embedding Indigenous Perspectives
[11:09 ] Early Years Education
[22:57] Building Genuine Relationships and Giving Back
[35:40 ] Intergenerational Connection and Community Involvement
[48:44 ] Defining Success and Embracing Growth
[58:34 ]Favorite Books and Education Advocacy
[1:11:21 ] Defining Success and Finding Purpose
[1:19:50 ]The Importance of Healthy Connections




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