Respecting the Wild Heart of Child Development with Gill Howarth

child development Jan 30, 2024

We're back, baby! Kicking off the 2024 season of the Raising Wildlings Podcast with our friend and fellow business owner Gill Howarth from Born Wise Education.

Gill always brings her wisdom to the table and it's great to have her back for an in-depth discussion on what raising "wild and free" children truly means.


Listen in as Gill shares:

🌱Her experience on the delicate balance of granting our children the space to navigate their fears and the world at large. 

🌱The spectrum of childhood "wildness" from mentorship to fostering autonomy. 

🌱And we confront the crucial question: Are ideas of wildness and freedom more reflective of our aspirations as adults than the experiences of our children?

Listen in and come away with a deepened understanding of nature play, child-centered learning, and the broader movements towards decolonising forest school education. 



👉  Guest Details

Gill Howarth is an Early Childhood teacher, Educational Changemaker, Storyteller and Mother to 3 bright, beautiful and wild boys. Having worked in alternative, Reggio-inspired and nature-based schools in Perth Australia, Gill began to explore ways to practice Conscious Education - an approach to learning that requires getting curious with what we are doing in our educational settings - and always asking WHY. Gill created Born Wise in 2017 as a grassroots education space, a place to explore learning beyond the classroom. Since then Born Wise has grown to offer classes, courses and consults to people of all ages and ultimately aims to inspire families to revolutionise education from their own backyards.

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