Teenagers and Healthy Relationships: Why It Matters

child development Feb 14, 2023

Ahh the teenage years..


We all look back and shudder at the awkwardness, the raging hormones and the rollercoaster of emotions.


Some of us are now looking down the barrel of our own children moving into adolescence and with this time comes a lot of life lessons but none are more important than learning how to develop healthy relationships. 


In this episode, we’re chatting with Psychotherapist,  Arsho Kalloghillain, about all things teenage relationships: what Red flags to look out for in potential partners, the  the difference between selfless giving and martyrdom and how to ask for what you need in a relationship respectfully. Come and join us for the info I wish I had as a lovestruck teen!



While it's natural for teenagers to experience feelings of attraction and desire, it's important for them to learn how to cultivate healthy relationships that are respectful, safe, and fulfilling. 


We’re not talking about romcoms or teen movies here (we’re looking at you Twilight!). 


We’re talking about being lovable and loving in return.


When teens feel loved, valued, and supported, they are better equipped to handle the stress and challenges of adolescence. 


So, how can teenagers cultivate healthy relationships? One important step is to set clear boundaries and to communicate without assumption. This means being honest and upfront about what they are comfortable with, and what they are not.


It’s also about becoming mindful of the other human in the relationship and their emotional needs.


Teenagers are learning that relationships should in fact be a selfless act and when they’re not… that’s a big red flag.


Other red flags include:


 🚩Just wanting a boy/girl friend and not caring about the person’s interests or needs

 🚩Possessive and obsessive behaviour and keeping them away from friends and loved ones

 🚩Jealousy when they talk to other people

 🚩Giving so much of themselves that they become resentful


Understanding that when someone in the relationship is only looking to fill their own needs…. then it’s not healthy.

So how do we show our teens what healthy relationships look like?

Well, that starts at home.

When teens feel unconditionally loved by their care givers it makes a HUGE difference.

Understanding that they are loved not matter if their room is untidy and the dishes are dirty. That they can choose to gift their help to their parents rather than have their help demanded.

Learning that relationships are a dance… and it takes two to tango.

By parents role modelling this in the family home, teenagers will develop healthy relationships that last a lifetime.






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