Top 5 Bush Kindy Skills Podcast Episodes

bush kindy forest school Nov 14, 2023

Sometimes, you just know what you want to listen to but it can be hard to find...

So, today, we thought we'd bundle our top favourite Bush Kindy podcast episodes. Feel free to share them with your Early Years team, directors and all your Bush Kindy Leader friends. 

Join us as we revisit these informative conversations, each a testament to the belief that Bush Kindy is a pathway to fostering resilient, creative environmental stewards.

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If children DON'T play with fire.... they will get burnt

“Sounds dangerous” we hear you say anxiously.

It is, but before we go any further let’s set the record straight.

Each year in America 20,000 fires are caused by children experimenting with candles, matches and lighters secretly at home.

Half of these fires are caused by preschoolers.

So even though every responsible parent is hiding their ignition sources and saying “don’t touch that! It’s hot!” young children are still curious about fire.

So how do we show children the dangers of fire BEFORE they go and try it for themselves in secret? 

It comes down to demonstrating hands-on fire safety.

In this Podcast, we talk about why we MUST teach children fire safety and the effects of not creating a safe, hands-on learning environment that appropriately demonstrates these lifelong skills.


If children’s work is play then what are the “right tools” for the job? (Hand Tools)

Newsflash: Introducing Hand Tools to your service isn’t as simple as giving children a hammer from your old toolbox in the garage.

In fact, doing that will probably cause more accidents and set everyone up for a negative experience. 

We used to think that ‘any’ hand tool was better than none until we saw some were too heavy, too bulky, and actually hindering the creative process for children.

It was a bit like trying to eat soup with a fork. Rather frustrating for all involved.

In this episode, we are sharing why less is more when it comes to your tool kit and the top three hand tools we believe every child and educator should be using for loose parts and adventurous play. 


Why We Don't Do Risk Assessments

OK, that's not quite right, we do do Risk Assessments, let me assure you, we are not reckless cowgirls set on harming children. But we don’t focus on the risks associated with children learning from the natural world, we focus on the BENEFITS.

Anyone who works with children knows that a risk assessment matrix is seen as the be-all and end-all when it comes to proving your duty of care to children, parents, and insurers. 

NO-ONE wants to be the person who signed off on something that ended in a lawsuit.

But, we believe every service needs to add an ADDITIONAL element to their Risk Assessments - and prove without a doubt tha the benefits are greater than the risks when playing outdoors.


Mastering the Art of Education and Community Involvement with Narelle Dawson of Bribie Island Community Kindy

Get ready to be inspired as we journey into the heart of an exceptional early childhood education center with Narelle Dawson, the esteemed Director of Bribe Island Community Kindy.

Narelle offers rare insights into leading a team that's been rated excellent four times in a row, a testament to their commitment, dedication, and unwavering focus on building meaningful relationships. She reveals the secrets behind their success and the transformative power of fostering a nurturing environment and maintaining a balanced focus on learning and growth.



Dizzy Heights and How to Help Children Get Down

Issac Newton once said “What goes up must come down”, but what on Earth are we supposed to do when children climb up too high and call out for help?

Recently, we’ve witnessed several occurrences where tiny climbers reach great heights only to feel 'stuck' when it was time to come back down to the ground.

In today’s podcast episode, we are deep diving into the physiology behind this and what adults can do to coach children down from great heights.



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